Split’s first inhabitant of was the Roman emperor Diocletian who decided to build a luxurious palace of about 30 thousand square meters in this peaceful bay around 293 AD. After his abdication, he withdrew here from the throne of the Roman emperor.

The following turbulent centuries turned the palace into a town first populated by the citizens of the nearby Salona, fleeing before Avars and Slavs. The authorities of the town, which overgrew the palace walls, kept changing, from Croatian kings in the 10th century, Hungarian and Venetian administration, to French rulers and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The turbulent past left its traces interwoven in the everyday life of the town, which always strived to progress, remaining the centre of this part of the coast up to the present day.

The mixtures of historic layers brought some clumsiness and too much haste, but today, all that makes a part of its originality. The big city nowadays resonates with the silent beats of history, lively spirit of the youth, its particular Mediterranean charm, and above all, Croatian warmth.

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Cover photography and other photography source: Photography by Romulic&Stojcic