Sibenik is situated on the central part of the Croatian Adriatic Coast, in a picturesque and indented bay where the Krka River, one of the most beautiful Croatian karst rivers, flows into the sea. Nowadays, Sibenik is an administrative, political, economic, social and cultural centre of Sibenik-Knin County, spreading over a 100 kilometre long coastline between Zadar and Split, reaching all the way up to the foot of Dinara Mountain, 45 kilometres away.

Sibenik, the oldest native Croatian city in the Adriatic, is located in the most protected natural port, in the middle of the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, the ancient Mare Adriaticum, at the mouth of the beautiful Krka River, at the very sources of Croatia’s abundant history, most likely at a place where some of the original Croatian settlers first saw the blue sea, capricious and beautiful, which protected and defended them, fed and took care of them for centuries.

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Cover photography and other photography source: Photography by Romulic&Stojcic