The leading Croatian tourist destination is located on the West coast of the Istrian Peninsula, among the Mirna River on the North, the Lim Channel on the South, and protected by the sea with a small island of St. Nicholas.
Its mild climate, majestic coast with cypress forests on islets and beautiful beaches, are the reasons why this fishing place has become one of the leading tourist destinations on the coast.

The historic remains can be seen on every step in narrow streets, as well as on the city centre squares.
According to the archaeological findings, the place has a very long history, but the most significant period starts with Romans who established the Colonia Julia Parentium Roman camp, as witnessed by the Forum and temples remains.
The triple nave Euphrasian Basilica is the most beautiful and the best preserved monument of the early Byzantium art dating from the 6th century.

Rich tourist tradition (the first hotel was built in 1896), beautiful hotels and modern tourist settlements, as well as a lot of sun and greenery, are the reasons which make Porec a destination for many tourists and sportsmen.

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Photography source: Photography by Romulic&Stojcic