Legend has it that once upon a time there lived giants in the Mirna River valley. They were so big that they used to hand tools and large rock to each other on the hills over the Mirna while looking at the cities.

One of the cities built by giants from that legendary era was Motovun. Many years later, when Istria was settled by regular people, the giants slowly disappeared, but the legend and Vladimir Nazor’s stories still remember Motovun’s giant Veli Joze, who was so big and strong that he could shake Motovun’s church tower.

Motovun is a monument-city, an ancient Istrian acropolis located at the top of 227 m high hill, whose today’s appearance stems from the Middle Ages, back from the 12th and 13th century.
The longest Istrian stairway with 1052 stairs leads from the foothill to its Venetian-style square on the top.

More – www.tz-motovun.hr


Photography source: Photography by Romulic&Stojcic