The City of Karlovac was “born” as a military fort, whose purpose was to strengthen the position of the Austro-Hungarian Empire against the Ottoman invasion. The construction of Karldstadt (its former name, Charlestown) started c. 13 June 1579 under the command of the Austrian archduke Charles II. Karlovac still celebrates its birthday with a big celebration.

The forts are designed as a unique six-pointed star, while the inner city core (comprising houses, palaces, squares and military facilities) is typical for ideal renaissance town planning. The location chosen for the City of Karlovac is also unique; at the crossroads of routes from the Pannonian Plain to the Adriatic coast and the mouth of four rivers – Mreznica, Korana, Kupa and Dobra.

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Cover photography and other photography source: Archive TZ City Karlovac and City Karlovac