We would like to welcome you to our lovely baroque city…

With hidden stories and intriguing items from Varazdin’s everyday life, we set off to (re)discover Varazdin.

We will continue down the road of adventures – by walking through the city streets and squares, with angels and beasts, love paths, with legends and signs, and a honey break at the Square of Traditional Crafts. From there we will visit the “World of Insects” entomological collection – the only specialised entomological museum in Croatia… Here we will see a valuable and unique collection of Varazdin’s greatest natural scientist – Franjo Koscec. It is time for the WINE TIME where you will have a chance to enjoy the golden or silver wine from our area with a recommended food in one of the famous Varazdin’s hospitality facilities… We recommend finishing the sightseeing in the Varazdin style – with an additional payment! It is time to part…

The arrangement includes:

  • local guide for the City of Varazdin,
  • Entomological Museum Tour with an expert guide;
  • Wine time – 1 dcl wine and recommended food
  • VAT


The arrangement does not include:

  • organized lunch: available on request
  • organized transport: available on request
  • travel insurance package (recommended)



  • possibility to organize a professional photographer- AVAILABLE ON REQUEST!


The price of this program was calculated on the basis of a minimum of 30 persons.