Start the weekend with a music rhapsody, and be a part of this musical story in a rare urban pearl ~ our and your Varazdin.

Set off with us to (re)discover Croatia’s baroque capital, while enjoying the melody of classical music which will broadcast its notes from the most unexpected city points. The City Hall, County Palace and Sermege Palace will become open and entirely ordinary stages, from whose balconies skilled Varazdin’s musicians will thrill all passers-by.

We start this interesting music story, where else than at the beating heart ~Varazdin’s Korzo. Enchanted by the sounds from the City Hall balconies, you will learn about the first city legends, but also witness a cheerful march of Varazdin’s purgers and their ever-appealing guard change.

With classical notes, we will continue down the road of adventures – by walking through the city streets and squares, with angels and beasts, love paths, with legends and signs, and a short break at the Square of Traditional Crafts.

We will then visit the Angels Museum, which in addition to the hidden “Andelinjak” gives an interesting, magical and heavenly charm to the secret and modest corners of the City of Varazdin. In addition to a heavenly shortbread cookie and angel dust, you might also want to dance at the charming Miljenko Stancic Square while the music continues to resonate from yet another historic balcony of the city …

We will try to wrap up the sightseeing tour in the intimacy of the Varazdin patio, where you will try to settle down impressions, with a coffee and klipic, of this tranquil, but extremely interesting city…

Before we part, we definitively recommend a lunch in the Varazdin style in one of the restaurants of your choice (optional). Only then, enchanted by the sounds, and with a full stomach, you can say goodbye to lovely and charming Varazdin, to which you will, we strongly believe, soon want to return…

… have a safe trip and be our dear guest once again!


The arrangement includes:

  • local guide for the City of Varazdin;
  • ticket for the Angels Museum;
  • coffee and klipic in the Julijan’s Garden patio;
  • liability insurance
  • package arrangement warranty
  • program organization and execution


The arrangement does not include:

  • lunch/dinner
  • travel insurance package (recommended)


ARRANGEMENT PRICE per person: available on request



  • possibility to organize a professional photographer- AVAILABLE ON REQUEST!