We would like to welcome you to our lovely baroque city…

Meet the local guide at the car park across the city cemetery.

With hidden stories and intriguing items from Varazdin’s everyday life, we set off to (re)discover Varazdin.

We will begin the journey to the past surrounded by the city walls, within the former Waserburg, as we are left breathless at the sight of the impressive Old City – the most important cultural monument in the city.

After a short break at the Square of Traditional Crafts, and through the charming Miljenko Stancic Square, we will continue all the way up to the sweet Varazdin patio – Art štacun. A place which resonates with a life full of trifles which make a home a home, as Moliere said: “Life is made up of trifles, the years of moments and the mountains of sand and rocks. So do not underestimate a thing, no matter how small it may seem…”

We will continue down the road of adventures – by walking through the city streets and squares, with angels and beasts, love paths, with legends and signs, and all the way up to the Entomological Museum located in the Herzer Palace. Here we will see a valuable and unique collection of Varazdin’s greatest natural scientist – Franjo Koscec.

At this point you will probably need some sugar, so we will set off to the Franic family farm, located in the near vicinity of Varazdin, where you will be able to enjoy the majestic “Story of Honey”. You probably do not need a special introduction to beekeeping. However, you will get a chance to meet our famous beekeeper, Mr. Franic. Here you will be offered the opportunity to taste three kinds of honey (acacia, meadow, chestnut), honey vinegar, honey brandy, soft drinks with honey and honey cookies.

With additional payment, it is possible to organize a barbecue – pork and chicken barbecue. The host prepares the meat and the barbecue, and the group barbecues alone. Side dish: vegetables and homemade bread.

The group may stay as long as they want, but then…

… it is time to part.

Have a safe trip back home and be our dear guest once again!…



The arrangement includes:

  • local guide for the City of Varazdin
  • ticket for the Entomological Museum
  • The story of honey at the Franic family farm: tasting 3 types of honey (acacia, meadow, chestnut), honey vinegar, honey brandy, soft drinks with honey and honey cookies.
  • liability insurance
  • package arrangement warranty
  • program organization and execution


The arrangement does not include:

  • barbecue at the Franic family farm: 50.00 HRK per person
  • travel insurance package (recommended)



  • transport available on request
  • possibility to organize a professional photographer: AVAILABLE ON REQUEST!


The price of this program was calculated on the basis of 30 persons.