• Accommodation in the chosen 3*** hotel on the basis of 2 overnight stays with breakfast in a double room;
  • Tourist escort;
  • Coffee and klipic in Julijan’s Garden;
  • “Find your angel” Program;
  • Grofica Marica cake;
  • Knights’ dinner in the Palatin restaurant;
  • Sightseeing Aqua Iasea Archeological Park in Varazdinske Toplice;
  • Roman lemonade;
  • Instructors and organization for the “DISC GOLF” game;
  • Lunch in Zlatne gorice;
  • Wine tasting in Zlatne gorice;
  • Dinner in Zlatna guska;
  • 20-minute panoramic flight by Cessna airplane over Varazdin;
  • Program organization and execution



Additional payment for a single room ~ AVAILABLE ON REQUEST!

Panoramic flight: 3 airplanes available, 3 persons per flight

OPTION 1. ~ HOTEL LAGUS 1.590,00 kn MIN 30 PAX
 OPTION 2. ~ HOTEL VARAŽDIN 1.790,00 kn MIN 30 PAX



We would like to welcome you to our lovely baroque city…

Meeting in a chosen hotel with a welcome drink:

OPTION 1: HOTEL LAGUS 3*** ( ~ Accommodation.

OPTION 2: HOTEL VARAZDIN 3***( ~ Accommodation.

With hidden stories and interesting objects from Varazdin’s everyday life, and coffee and klipic in the intimacy of the Varazdin patio, we set off to (re)discover Varazdin.

We will continue down the road of adventures with an interesting Varazdin search. ~ “Find your angel”. Test your detective eye, and discover the hidden corners of the City where “They” sleep. Do not expect a detailed description, we have already revealed too much.

We will wrap up the sightseeing tour in the Varazdin style. The inevitable coffee in the city tavern Grofica Marica with brand of the same name, “Grofica Marica Cake.” Feel the beating heart of the city Korzo, a place which everyone wants to see and where everyone wants to be seen, while you try to settle the impressions of this peaceful, yet extremely interesting city.

Return to the hotel ~ time for refreshment.

Departure to the „KNGIHTS’ DINNER“ – in the rustic ambience of the Paladin Court, with the king and queen Herald, aristocracy, court jester and flexible dancers – a royal feast awaits you in the manner of the best European courts…


Breakfast in the hotel.

Departure to Varazdinske Toplice where you will see the Aqua Iasae Roman settlement. Sightseeing of the Museum and archaeological park with tasting of ROMAN LEMONADE made with thermal water…

After being acquainted with the past, we will set off to the nearby “DISC GOLF TERRAIN” where we will have an adventurous remainder of the afternoon…

Upon the arrival, we will meet the instructors of the very interesting and highly contagious „DISC GOLF“ game ~ sports tradition over 50 years long, the best sport you have probably never even heard of… It is the perfect time to test your precision and concentration skills, with a dose of laughter and fun, where you will surely awaken the competitive spirit in you in front of other business colleagues.

After the winner announcement, we depart to the Zlatne gorice restaurant. This is followed by lunch and enjoyment in countryside meals of the Varazdin area as you observe from a terrace how life runs by you on all sides, while you have managed to stop the time in tradition and quality…

Following the gastronomic pleasure, there is a tasting in a wine temple of sparkling wine, homemade according to a classic method, three wine sorts from Varazdinbreg, pumpkin seed oil, homemade bread and the inevitable oath to the wine.

Return to the hotel ~ short free time for refreshment.

Next is an organized dinner in the restaurant Zlatna guska with Varazdin specialties…


Breakfast in the hotel.

It is time to discover the true lush od Varazdin and the surrounding area, but this time from the air. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of a 20-minute panoramic flight by Cessna 172 with the hired air crew. The view from the air on the majestic Croatian National Theatre, Vatroslav Jagic Park, Varazdin roofs and the wider area, as far as your eyes can see…

Next is an organized lunch in the former Mala Gaza OR Sostarska vulica where the Verglec restaurant is situated – the first restaurant in Croatia licenced for the autochthone cuisine. Enjoy the countryside meals of the Varazdin area.

… it is time to part.

Have a safe trip back home and be our dear guest once again!


6 persons participate in the game at the same time, and the game lasts up to 20 minutes. The expected duration of this part of the game depends on the total number of persons.

The players’ task is to hit the disc golf basket from various distances, each of which wins a certain number of points.

Apart from several game positions, training positions will also be set, on which all players will be able to get instructions on the game, and try throwing the disc several times before the game itself. After all players finish participating, a ranking list will be made, and several best participants will have the opportunity to play in the final competition. The best three players will receive symbolic awards and acknowledgements. The expected duration of the finals is 45 minutes.