The Sanctuary of the Precious Blood of Christ in Ludbreg is a sacral object in Ludbreg, Varaždin County. In 1739, the Croatian Parliament pledged to erect the shrine which was then built in 1996. What is special about this place is the relic of the Blood of Christ, which dates back to 1411, and is kept in the parish church of the Holy Trinity in Ludbreg today.

This is the place where people whose conditions seemed hopeless got inexplicably cured. The cured claimed that where human medicine failed, and there was no hope left, they made a vow to the Holy Blood of Christ in Ludbreg, after which their health was restored.

In 1411, a priest was celebrating the holy mass. During the most important part of mass, he doubted the truth of his own claim that he was indeed holding the true Body of Christ, as well as drinking the true Blood of Christ from the chalice. When he reached the part of the service where the host is split in three, he noticed that the chalice was full of real, fresh blood. Profoundly confused and frightened by the unexpected event, he tucked the chalice away behind the altar and finished his service.

Pope Julius II sent his legates to Ludbreg to thoroughly investigate this event. A board of prominent laymen and priests was leading the investigation, and listened to many people who claimed to have had their prayers answered and their health restored in miraculous and incomprehensible ways.

The relic is currently kept in the parish church of the Holy Trinity in Ludbreg.


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Photography source: Croatian National Tourist Board

Photo taken by: Bojan Haron Markičević